Partner showcase – DRPDNM

The Society for the Development of Voluntary Work Novo mesto, or DRPDNM for short, is an association that deals with areas such as social welfare, youth and culture at the national and international level. Through their activities, they strive to contribute to the development of an inclusive and open society, with special emphasis on the social inclusion of national minorities. In their activities, they encourage civil dialogue between the Roma minority, associations and decision-makers in order to influence the position and opportunities of the Roma in Slovenia. The DRPDNM is an organization based on solidarity, tolerance, voluntarism and participation in public policy-making. The goals of the association are to create awareness of citizenship and intercultural dialogue through the involvement of different groups of citizens.
Over the years, the Society has opened a Day Care Center for Children and a Day Care Center for Roma Children, which implements programs for the inclusion of vulnerable groups who are socially excluded. Some of these programs are: Cultegration, Living Together, CULT – PRACTITIONER, Regional NGO Center and Active Citizenship. The programs are based on social integration and the improvement of basic skills, as well as the strengthening of the local community with an emphasis on Roma adults.
They also often organize public events such as round tables, public forums, conferences, TV shows to raise awareness of the importance of interculturalism and strengthen the society for Roma inclusion.