How to use the web platform?

In front of you is an e-learning platform where you can find video and audio materials for language learning with employment topics, i.e., topics that will make your job search easier or enable you to find a job faster.

Video materials are available in Croatian, Slovenian, Italian and Serbian languages, while audio materials are available in English and Romani languages. (Romani chib, Ljimba d’Bjaš, Sinti).

Below we give you short instructions on how to use the e-learning platform.

  1. Start from Module 1, lesson 1 – Unemployment.
  2. Click on the link next to the lesson title.
  3. A new pop-up window will open and take you to Whyp, where you can listen to the audio lesson.
  4. When you hear a long pause in the audio lesson, stop the audio and answer the question you were asked. Discuss the question with others and think about your answer.
  5. Listen to all lessons from start to finish contained within a specific module. The first module has 5 lessons, the second module has 5 lessons, the third module has 3 lessons, and the fourth module has 13 lessons.
  6. You can watch and listen to the video and audio materials as many times as you want until you master the material.
  7. After listening to all the lessons within the module, you can take the exam.
  8. The exam can be found on the link below all lessons within the module.
  9. The exam from the first module has 10 tasks, the exam from the second module has 10 tasks, the exam from the third module has 10 tasks, and the exam from the fourth module has 20 tasks. There are 50 tasks in total.
  10. Click on the link and a new popup window will open that will take you to the Google form.
  11. An e-mail address or any other registration is not required to solve the exam.
  12. The exam is not graded but has points. You can collect a maximum of 50 points.
  13. The questions are simple, which means that you choose between four, three, or two answers, or a correct or incorrect answer.
  14. In case you get it wrong, stop and think about the incorrect answer and try to answer them again to confirm the material.
  15. At the end of all modules, you should also fill out a satisfaction form.
  16. The satisfaction form also opens in a new pop-up window, and the same rules apply to filling in the exam.
  17. The written material that is read in video and audio materials can be downloaded to your computer, printed, and read every time you want to refresh your knowledge.



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