Cover letter in CV

A cover letter (PP) is a document that accompanies your CV, when you apply for a job. The purpose of the cover letter is to answer the employer’s question: Why should I hire this person?
Content structure
An ideal cover letter should not have more than four paragraphs. The aim of the first is to emphasize what you are applying for and where you got the information about the competition. The second paragraph should list the qualifications and skills you possess (presentation, communication, negotiation or other qualifications relevant to the specific job) that make you the right person for the job. Read the ad carefully, determine the necessary qualifications and check once again if you are the right person for the job. Don’t just list your virtues, give an explanation. Perhaps the best way is to start with your previous work experience and how you have developed the qualifications and skills you possess. As in a CV, the result should be that you are an independent person who knows how to take initiative and responsibility. Explain in this section any ambiguities that the employer might have by reading your CV and explain why you are all the right person for the position, even if you do not meet all the conditions required in the ad. In short, the second paragraph should show that you are good for the job.
The third paragraph shows why you want that job. Think about it, because that question will probably be waiting for you at the interview – why did you apply for that job and in that company. You need to show strong motivation and ability to contribute to the work of a specific organization, and in return get some satisfaction (it is desirable that your only satisfaction and motivation is not only money, but that opportunities for improvement, advancement are important to you …).

The last paragraph emphasizes that you are willing to explain in more detail to the employer and show your qualities during the interview.

The cover letter should sound sincere and exude elan, as well as the CV should be adjusted to each competition and, of course, regularly updated on the contrary. The cover letter is next to the CV your presentation and it should be borne in mind that he speaks on your behalf until you appear at the interview

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Skrisara d intencie in CV
Ja letera da presentasion (P.P.) - ja lil ke ingivela tur CV, quando usareilo par ja labatarbe. I letera servola par ta rispundares ja dumanda da tur raj du labatarbe. Parke i ta lato ta labatares? Ar ila kerdi, ja letera da presentasion lacjni ta vela piu but da star tokar. Par primo i ta pines parke i par kares i dumanda in dua vjal gjnes da dua dumanda. In dur sekon tokar ita ven pren u jal fjermo kares e u qualifiki par dea labatarbe( pines kun jal,ta rakares,negosiares o vavar qualifiki par doa labatarbe)ke karento i persona lacj par doa labatarbe. Legjar misto u anuncjo,dikes misto u servola e se jal i persona lacj pur labatarbe. Na pin ta tregi,dea ja spiegasion.I sukar ta pines ke labatarbe kardal e ar kardal ta ves fjermo ta kares u koa ke karea. Ar in dar ja CV,ita nakel ke jal fjermo anka kokaro e ke ilo fjermo ta karel anka kokaro e ta kumincjarel e ke jal responsabile pin in dar koa tokar u dubi ke tur raj ipure ta venlo quando dikela tur CV e pin parke jal tu i persona lacj par doja posisjon,anke se na ito kroll kondisjoni ke manghena in dur anuncjo. In pisal,in dur sekondo tokar i ta pinel ke jal lacjo pur labatarbe. U terso tokar pinela perke kamea doa labatarbe. Pensar parke kaja dumanda karenala tuke in dur koloqujo – pparke kardal i dumanda par doa labatarbe in dar dea dia. I ta karesdiken ke rikarea but e jal fjermo par doja organisasion specifika,par ta velto pale sodisfasjon (ta kojaven e na rikarea pena pur love,ma ke kamea rikarea pena pur love,ma ke kamea miliorares,ta gjas glan ineresolto but......) U ultimo tokar karea dikes a tur raj kisi jal fjermo quando karea koloqujo. I letera di akompagnamento i ta funol sincera e ta del sikuresa, ar u CV i ta vel misto par kroll e ta vel nevo.